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Tacos & Tequila Night

The flavors of the Middle East came to Mexico when the Spanish arrived in the 15th century. Around that time, Spain was dominated by the Arab Moors. Many do not know that Mexico and the Middle East share many similarities. For instance, Shawarma and Al-pastor are both cooked on a vertical spit. Cilantro/parsley and lime/lemon are used to flavor salsas and salads in both cuisines. Not only do they relate with food, but language as well. The word azucar (Spanish) and sucar (Arabic) both means sugar. With this class, we wanted to merge both cuisines and blow your mind with flavor!

I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

These dips are easy to make, healthy, and pack a flavorful punch. Gather your family & friends for a virtual dip party!


Everyone loves a good brunch! Gather your friends and family and host a delicious online Middle Eastern brunch!

Street Eats

Who doesn't love street eats? From the Los Angeles Street Dog to the Lebanese Shawarma, street food is deliciously devoured all over the world!

Pastries & Desserts

The Middle East is known for many delicious desserts soaked in simple syrup (Attar) with a hint of rose or orange blossom water. Fun fact: Rose water has recently rose to prominence in the US, but has been used for thousands of years in the Middle East for food, perfume, and skincare!

Private Cooking Classes

Private, live cooking lessons in the comfort of your home. You choose your meal. Perfect for a relaxing night alone, a romantic date night, or a family bonding session.

Our Middle Eastern cooking classes feature dishes from the Middle East, North Africa, Western Asia, and the Mediterranean. 

Each class includes:

  • Live Zoom lesson taught in English by an Arab-American cook. Your instructor that will answer all of your questions in realtime
  • Engagement with other class members
  • Eating food together, family-style, just like in the Middle East
  • History and culture discussion of the foods you created
  • Class recording to recreate the dishes again and again!